Stay Connected with the Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is the quintessential compact sedan of the 21st century. This particular hatchback of a vehicle is small, but it's mighty in optional features. The roadways are littered with compact sedans, and the Focus ST makes up a large percentage of the actual number. Let's take a peek at the vehicle's technological advancements below.

This hatchback has the ability to keep you, and your passengers fully connected while commuting. The vehicle hosts the latest generation of SYNC 3 technology. Effortless connections to your smartphone can be obtained with the press of a button. SYNC 3 technology produces a seamless experience with other installed apps that are present in the infotainment system. In addition to that, occupants of the Focus ST will enjoy an immersive listening experience via the premium audio system. Whether streaming your music via smartphone or utilizing the built-in satellite radio, you'll receive some of the best sounding tunes that are crisp.

Ford is offering first-hand viewings as well as a test drive if you're truly interested. The ball is now in your court.

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