How to Remove Badges from Your Car While Protecting the Paint

Every car, no matter what size or type, is typically adorned with various badges to identify the model, trim level, and other information. In some cases, you may need or want to remove these badges, whether to improve aesthetics or provide a little more anonymity. At Bergey's Ford of Lansdale, we want to ensure you perform this procedure correctly, so we encourage you to use the following steps.

First, ensure that the badge is held on by adhesive instead of clips or rivets. Adhesive badges are far more easily removed using everyday household items. Next, work to loosen the adhesive either through heat from a hair dryer or hot water or by using an adhesive remover. When the adhesive is soft, carefully remove the badge from the vehicle using a credit card or piece of fishing line. With the badge removed, you'll want to wash and wax the area where the badge was to leave a clean and shiny finish.

To further improve your vehicle, stop by our service center and let us perform any necessary maintenance.



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