More Power For Transporting

Driving a Ford Transit Passenger Van is often easier than it appears. It offers the capability that you need to make sure several people get from one location to another in one vehicle. It's easy to park because of the large mirrors on the side. There is also a warning signal that alerts you if there is anything behind the vehicle that you might hit while you're in Landsdale, PA.

You'll notice that the steering is very responsive. Even though the wheelbase is lengthy, it's an easy vehicle to turn when you're trying to park or navigate corners. There is plenty of power to transport up to 15 passengers even in a six-cylinder wagon.

If you need more power from the vehicle for transporting passengers, then consider a diesel option. This is ideal for longer versions of the van as well. Visit Bergey’s Ford of Lansdale to view the interior of the wagon and to take it for a test drive.

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